ERP Implementation Project Team (Composition – Part I)

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January 22, 2017
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Project Team

Project Team

ERP Implementation Project Team

An ERP tool is be used by a client organization and implemented by a professional consultancy firm. This type of project usually requires the involvement of talents profited with a wide array of skills.  Among those are business process experts, technology infrastructure specialists, software developers, quality assurance testers, CXOs, project managers (PMs), etc. The degree of involvement of the project team members may vary.  They could work part-time, full-time, remotely or on-site. Some project team members could, due to their experiences and skills, fill in different project roles at the same time. However, we will keep this simple in the article and assume that everyone is working full-time and on-site. Look at an overview of what makes a project team.  Also, how do each part contributes to the success of any ERP implementation Project Team.

ERP Implementation Project Team

ERP Project Team Infographic

The Project Management Team

At the top of the project team organization chart is the project management team. The project managers (PM) are ultimately responsible for the project success. “Managers” is plural because we have one PM representing the client and another for the ERP consultancy firm.  The performance baseline (scope, schedule and budget) is ensured by the project manager.

Their main role is to enable all the teams within the project to perform their work effectively. They will support the project teams with delivering project templates for the project documentation and run the new team members on boarding process.  The project management team ensures the application of all the procedures of the project. This team fulfills a function of support and resources provided to the rest of the project. The project manager of the implementation firm will ensure that his colleagues have all the skills and are available to implement the solution.  The client’s project manager makes the delicate balancing act between removing talented resources from the day-to-day operations of its firm and getting a project team knowledgeable enough about the company to ensure project success.

The Project Sponsor

Authorized to make decisions, the Project Sponsor is a person or a group of persons facilitate the execution of the project. The project sponsor makes these decisions because the project team members (including the project managers) cannot to make them.  A typical example is the financing of new licenses, new hardware, or new project locations. The executive level handles the project sponsorship usually.  This is the only role solely performed on the client side.

The Functional Teams

The word “functional” should not be understood as an opposite to the word “dysfunctional”. Functional teams are “functional” because they are teams grouped by business functions within the project. The client’s functional team members need the consultant to implement its desired to-be solution. The functional consultant needs the input of its counterparts on the client side to know what he/she is to implement.  This is in terms of ERP configuration settings, business requirements list and prioritization. This also includes integration points with the different teams, the identification of the data that migrates into the new ERP, and the testing of the business scenarios.

Lead-to-Cash Team

This is the team that spans the relationships with the client’s customers. From a business process perspective, we identify this team as the one that starts its processes from the discovery of a new lead to the reception of the cash payment from the customer. Client companies that only want to implement a solution for their lead-to-cash processes should consider the available CRM solutions (Odoo, Salesforce, Capterra). The project team in a CRM implementation project requires the same composition as the one described in this article (minus the other functional teams).


This team take cares of the whole procurement process.  Procurement helps the solution and implementation of the new ERP.  Procurement happens no matter what type of suppliers, goods, or services needed.The procure-to-pay end-to-end process will ensure that .

Record-to-Report Team

The finance department of the client company cover the process that are ran. In any ERP project, the record-to-report (or finance) team is crucial. It decides on the overall structure of the company.  The first kinds of data being looked at by PMs and CXOs after the implementation of the project are the financial figures.

Hire-to-Retire Team

Thanks to ERPs, it’s possible to follow the whole lifecycle of employees within the company in a single database. Talent management is an increasingly important business function in the ERP market. Traditionally seen as a not so important business function to develop by big ERP providers, the offer for good ERP HR solutions is growing. Today, a lot of ERPs offer cloud versions of their traditional HR modules (Success Factors for SAP, Workday, Oracle HR Cloud, etc).


Download ERP Implementation Team Infographic (Full Color)


Diogène Ntirandekura
Founder of ERP Happy

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Diogène Ntirandekura
Diogène Ntirandekura
Diogène Ntirandekura has 9 years of experience in the information technology industry. As a consultant, Diogene has worked with several organizations during the implementation of their ERP system. He has worked for 2 of the « Big 5 » consultancies on implementation projects in various industries. Those industries were: manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, energy, maritime and high tech. Diogène is bilingual French-English and a trusted expert in 4 areas: pre-implementation review, IT project management, SAP and Odoo.

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