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Project managers (PM) are the hub of information flow between the client, contractor, site, detailer, and shop. They are the representative of Banker Steel for their respective projects. Communication and responsiveness to all interested parties is key. PM reports directly to the VP, Projects and the CFO and COO as needed. A PM must be a team player who is a self- motivated, goal- oriented individual that is willing to put the effort and time needed to make both the company and themselves successful. The PM must be able to drive the schedule from detailing to fabrication to erection to close out. It is critical to the overall success of Banker Steel.

  • Shop – The shop needs drawings in time to effectively fabricate, ideally 8 weeks before needed on site and more with complex trusses and assemblies. When in fabrication, the shop must have shop questions answered promptly. The shop typically works 6 days a week – 2 shifts.
  • Site/Erector – Issues on site need to be handled promptly and efficiently. Communicating with the erector is key. Backcharges from erectors can be substantial (especially in NYC) and responses, fixes and material must be provided quickly.
  • Client/Contractor – These are important relationships that need to be handled appropriately. We need to be responsive and professional. Typically we are not only assuring we perform well on the job at hand but setting the table for the next job as well (marketing by performing).
  • Detailer/Connection Engineer – The detailer is critical to overall work flow. We need drawings in time to fabricate. We need the detailer to be fully engaged in the project and meeting their production schedule. Connection engineer is similarly critical, although often overlooked. The connection engineer has to meet their schedule to properly feed the detailing effort.
  • If you need assistance with expediting or communicating with any of the above ask for assistance from management.
  • Open and honest communication with management is critical. We need to hear the issues in a factual manner good or bad. We are all going to make mistakes and need to work together to resolve them.

PM Direct Responsibilities :

  • Attend Job Kick-Off with Sales to understand the job (some jobs, PM may be involved earlier)
  • Organize Shop Kick off meeting: Need to include General Manager, Shop Manager, QA, and QC, as well as other relevant personnel.
  • Review Job Scope and Contract to understand what is included and, as important, what is excluded. Pay particular attention to what seem like minor miscellaneous, such as roof frames, embeds, masonry lintels, bent plate or angle edge conditions. It is the PMs job to make sure the subs understand their scope.
  • Review contract design documents (both structural and architectural) at time of sale. These include Construction Documents as well as Specifications. Confirm all subs have the updated documents. Subs must be sent revised docs as the job progresses.
  • Review of all RFIs outcoming and incoming. Items that involve additional work for BSC must have a Change Request (CR) assigned to it, folder created with a clear scope, and the customer notified immediately.
  • Responsible to review all approval returns to confirm scope is not being added to BSC and that all items questioned are clarified (including “GC coordinate” elevator tubes, stair coordination, etc.) by further RFIs.
  • Review potential extras with CR manager. Work to create clarity of scope, terms, schedule impact, exclusions. Provide information to CR group required to create an effective CR.
  • Push to resolve and get payment for Change Requests.
  • After Kick-Off, work with Sales and Contract Administrator (Nate) to verify all critical contracts and POs are in place. These include: 1) Prime contact with client 2) detailer 3) connection engineer 4) erector, deck supplier 5) joist supplier 6) miscellaneous metal supplier
  • Handle buyouts required (any purchases outside of budget must be discussed with management). Get pricing from multiple resources: 1) anchor rods 2) shop bolts 3) field bolts 4) bearings 5) Specialty items
  • Schedules: 1) Review Overall Project Schedule – Receive project schedule for Client, GC, or CM based on what is in place at time of sale 2) Receive Connection Design Schedule 3) Receive Detailing Schedule 4) Create Internal Schedule, including Detailing, Fabrication, and Erection 5) There needs to be a base schedule at the beginning of the project matching the agreed to schedule at time of sales 6) Schedule needs to be updated and memorialized each time it is changed. Client/GC/CM needs to be notified if schedule slip is caused by design team or site conditions.
  • Pay Applications: 1) Determine submittal schedule for Pay Apps. Also determine cutoff date for each pay app (i.e. is pay app due on the 20th, but looks forward to end of month? 2) Ask (and coordinate with accounting) what pay system will be used by GC/CM. Do we need to get registered, passwords, requirements? 3) Create initial SOV. Submit to Client/GC/CM for approval 4) Prior to first Pay App due date, verify with Client/GC/CM required information for Pay App submittal (pictures of material, material certs, etc) 5) Work with Accounting to create original Pay App. After original, accounting will provide a “Roll Forward” in advance of the due date for the next Pay App. 6) Fill out Pay App each month. Receive required information/invoices from other subs:
  • Job Budget – work with accounting and management to review job budgets. It is the PM’s responsibility to know their budgets and whether they are maintaining them.
  • Any notifications of impacts to the project from the customer must be sent to executive management immediately. Responses from BSC must be sent quickly.
  • Weekly reporting: 1) Detailing Status Report 2) Drawing Production Report 3) Job Schedule Updates

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Virginia

Required experience:

  • Project Management: 5 years
  • Steel: 5 years
  • Engineering/Construction/Business: 5 years
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